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The nature of the event is to promote the Belt and Road Initiative in term of education cooperation crossing nations among ASEAN and China. It is the 4th Annual meeting of China-ASEAN Training Association.

Prof. Chiv Ratha and Mr. Pech Kusal were the ones who joint the above conference while Prof. Chhoun Samlei and Prof. Son Nat joint the Economic Forum.

Based on the schedule, it was the opening ceremony of the conference in the morning. Yet, they said we didn’t need to join, but we could go to Qingyan Ancient Town for the visit.

In the afternoon, at 2, the conference room was used the same room as last year – Fanjing Mountain Hall. The session started with the welcome speech from Guizhou Provincial Government, Deputy Minister of Lao Ministry of Education, and Vice President of Beijing Jiaotong University respectively. Second session was about the Departments and Enterprises involved with railways projects around the Globe from China. The third session was about the ASEAN nations’ presentations about their school, particularly the course involved with the Railways and Engineering and the railway current situation in their home countries: Thailand, Cambodia, Lao, Malaysia, and Indonesia – No Vietnam. Our school didn’t do the presentation at all because we made the same topic with RUPP which presented after RMUTT – Thai University. We ended the session at 6pm.

The Conference started as planed and finished as the schedule set. The second was all about the Chinese school and their projects with CRCC or CRRC. It was really wonderful to listen to them and see some of the pictures in their presentations. Their presentations were one of the worldwide project and the world in needs project. Also, they presented the lessons in classes and activities in real and virtual simulations. The second day session was also openly discussed among the schools and enterprises. They ended the session with Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony. Our PUCSR had one signing too with Guiyang Vocational and Technical College.

During the discussion with Guizhou University Dean of College of Foreign Languages and Dean of College of Toursim, the fruitful summaries were:

  1. If they could allow us to send our students to them for a semester, how many?
  2. Oversea Practicum: Our senior students could go to teach at their college for a semester.
  3. Return Practicum: Their students could come to our school to teach Chinese.

They said that if they agreed to the 3 main purposes, whether PUCSR would also agree to get these internship in return. They asked about the accommodations, meals, and transportation. They also mentioned what they did with France and UK in the 3+1 program.