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Our Motto

Motto:  Sila Samādhi Paññā

Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia adopted Sila Samādhi and Paññā as its Motto owing to:

  1. The ultimate goal of our teaching program is to develop individual into his/her full potential as human being in order to live a happy life equipped with high moral code of conduct, virtues and respectable professional skills;
  2. The scholarly trained individual by Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia shall become a noble and honorary citizen, and in whatever capacity, he/she will rightfully serve other people with loving-kindness and compassion;
  3. The Motto Sila  Samādhi Paññā represents the three hallmarks of the spiritual journey an individual can start purifying his/her mind with the practice of high moral and ethical conduct “Sila” in order to avoid unwholesome actions, and via perfect equanimity of mind through concentration or mental discipline “Samādhi”, he/she will attain the transcendental wisdom or insight “Paññā”.
  4. The practice of the three Buddhist Triplet (Sila  Samādhi Paññā) which links together into a noble path  leading individual towards happiness in life, achieving the highest wisdom, and ultimately the cessation of sufferings (Dukkha).  This three Buddhist Triplet is also known as the Noble Eightfold Path or “Ariya-Atthaṅgika-Magga”, which consists of eight factors to abide by: {three factors from Sila (consisting of Rigth Speech—Sammā Vacā, Right Action – – Sammā Kammanta, Right Livelihood – – Sammā ājiva ), three factors from Samādhi (consisting of Right Effort – Sammā Vāyāma, Right Mindfulness – Sammā Sati, Right Concentration – Sammā Samādhi), and two factors from Paññā (consisting of Right Thought – Right Thought – Sammā Sankappa, Right Understanding – Sammā Ditthi).