Major in Business Administration – This major is for those interested in managing businesses, either as owners or as managers of key departments. The program covers management principles, business theory (organizational behavior), human resource management, accounting fundamentals, etc. When you graduate with a degree in Business Administration, you are positioning yourself for an important role in business.

Major in Finance & Banking – Similar to the major in Business Administration, the major in finance and banking covers management theory, financial laws and regulations, human resources, and accounting fundamentals geared toward those who specifically want to work in finance or banks. This degree readies you to play an important role in a financial or banking institution in the future.

Major in Tourism and Hospitality – This major is aimed at students who want to play an important role in the tourism or hospitality industries as managers or higher. All aspects of tourism and hospitality management are covered with a focus on ASEAN and Southeast Asia. Students may opt for an internship to complete their degree.

Major in TESOL (Teaching of English to Students of Other Languages) – This major is for those of you who dream of teaching English to students at any level. The program covers theories of learning, practical instruction in classroom planning, preparation, and teaching, as well as a “practicum” that involves teacher observation and practice teaching.

Major in International Relations (IR) – This major is for those who are interested in thinking about the world and world politics in both political and strategic ways. The program of study introduces students to the major schools of thought in IR, involves discussions of world events today, and helps students develop strong critical thinking abilities. These critical thinking abilities are valuable in many contexts: NGOs, government jobs, international business, etc. Our IR graduates have a wide range of jobs available to them because of the emphasis on problem analysis and problem solving.