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Japanese Language

For more information… contact Shuji Matsuoka, International Relations Coordinator at [email protected]

Learn Japanese Language at PUC-SR

Due to high demand, PUC-SR now offers Japanese language classes covering all levels from beginner, intermediate, to advanced.

Classes are also available to learn the artistic Japanese writing system of hiragana, katakana, and kanji.

The professor of the class – or “sensei” – is Shuji Matsuoka.  Shuji Sensei is a graduate of Kansai University in Suita-shi, Osaka prefecture, Japan. He is fluent in Khmer and English; his native language is Japanese.

Continually working hard to foster international relations with Japan as well as other countries around the world, he coordinates PUC-SR student exchange programs with universities in Japan.

You will also find Shuji Sensei very busy organizing and leading a popular International Science Program.  Some of the classes are right on campus but the last day of the program, Shuji Sensei leads the group by bus to some of the smallest schools in rural areas of Cambodia to give a presentation that leaves students of all ages, teachers too, astounded in the “magic” of science.

Of further high acclaim, PUC-SR is one of only two locations in all of Cambodia officially sanctioned to administer the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).

If you are a PUC student interested in studying abroad in Japan or to anyone interested in taking Japanese language classes or the JLPT, Shuji Sensei would love to hear from you at…

[email protected]

Japanese Language (Grammar & Vocabulary)

Level 1, Beginner 1-A

Level 2, Beginner 1-B

Level 3, Beginner 2-A

Level 4, Beginner 2-B

Level 5, Intermediate A

Level 6, Intermediate B

Level 7, Advanced A

Level 8, Advanced B

Japanese Language (Kanji)

Level 1, Kanji I

Level 2, Kanji II

Level 3, Kanji III

Level 4, Kanji IV