Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Major: Management

Business, economics, finance, policy formulation, and management practitioners keep pace with multinational business changes and improve their governance in a business firm, enterprise, international organization and any governments. The GSME programs are designed to meet the urgent needs of scholars at the graduate and postgraduate levels to advance and modernize business, leadership, management, and enrich professional skills and knowledge for innovation and wisdom to address our today’s global economic challenges.

Master of Education (MEd.)
Major: Educational Administration & Leadership

This program is designed to cultivate wise and professional leaders and managers whose primary role in education is to develop human generations capable of facing complex challenges in the emerging knowledge society. These future educational leaders and managers will be equipped with knowledge and skills required for effective leadership and management of educational institutions. The program is committed to constructing a broad knowledge and skill base in the following areas: educational psychology and sociology, moral education, educational leadership and management theories and practices, instructional leadership, educational entrepreneurship, curriculum development, human resource management, student services, educational technology, learning and assessment, faculty supervision and evaluation, and educational research.

Master of Education (MEd.)
Major: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

The M.Ed. in TESOL program endeavors to prepare educators to be both informed practitioners and effective researchers by providing a pedagogically and theoretically sound knowledge base and by encouraging respect for differences in language, culture, belief systems, and values. In addition, the program serves the language and cultural needs of our students with an outstanding quality of teaching in an atmosphere of service, personal attention, mutual understanding and respect, and cooperation. It provides a secure environment for students of all backgrounds and cultures to experience the national and international view of English. It also empowers teachers and staff to have a voice in the development of all aspects of the program. More than these, the M.Ed. in TESOL encourages teacher excellence through opportunities for professional development.