Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE)

The PUC Faculty of Business and Economics strives to deliver quality education in business and economics that is attainable by, and responsive to the needs of, the people of Cambodia and the global community. FBE places special emphasis on research and application of knowledge in business, economics, and information technology.

The mission of the faculty is to utilize its resources to become a part of the internationally recognized institution in creation, application, analysis and dissemination of knowledge, particularly in the disciplines of accounting, banking, business administration, economics, finance, information system, marketing, and tourism by producing the wide range of leaders and professionals for the 21st century through building capabilities and using integrate curriculum.

Faculty of Education (FEd.)

The Faculty of Education is envisioned to become a nationally and internationally recognized Center of Excellence that forms personality, enriches knowledge, develops skills, and builds future of the competent, morally upright learners who will contribute to sustainable development of a society of knowledge, harmony and justice.

Guided by this Vision, the Faculty of Education is committed to educating competent, ethical professionals who aspire to serve in the role of instructors, scholars, researchers, managers, and leaders. Providing international standard, multidisciplinary programs with strong support of highly qualified faculty under transformational leadership of visionary leaders, the faculty trains educators who value the continuous pursuit of new knowledge for human resource development and social transformation.

Faculty of Social Sciences and International Relations (FSSIR)

The Faculty of Social Sciences and International Relations (FSSIR) offers Undergraduate Courses in International Relations, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology. Master’s programs are offered in the same discipline, and Doctoral programs are available in International Relations and Political Science, while programs at this level are also being developed in the other two fields under the Faculty of Social Sciences and International Relations jurisdiction.

The Faculty of Arts, Letters, and Humanities (FALH)

The Faculty of Arts, Letters, and Humanities (F.A.L.H.) of Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia (P.U.C.) seeks to provide the means for undergraduate and graduate students to have a strong cultural basis and to acquire a liberal education, an education that broadens students’ understanding of all humankind __ ancient and modern people __by studying all aspects of human’s ways of living, behaviors, and ideas, while providing students with in-depth knowledge in their chosen areas of focus.

The faculty aims at providing students with, both undergraduate and graduate, knowledge and skill on traditional and modern societies. The faculty helps students to develop the conceptual and technical skills to bring to fruition their individual interpretation of the world through programs and activities, including the use of most recent and developed technology for teaching, aiming at achieving excellence, efficiency, and equity. The objective keywords are: Vibrant, Systematic, Active, Progressive, Creative, Innovative, Regionally and Internationally Standardized and Competitive, and Modern.