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Guizhou University, China Visit

The nature of the visit itself is to seek the collaborations between the two universities – PAÑÑĀSĀSTRA UNIVERSITY OF CAMBODIA, SIEM REAP (PUCSR) and GUIZHOU UNIVERSITY (GZU), P. R. CHINA.

  1. Dr. Chea remarked the staff development, government scholarships, the exchange programs, the double decree program and the opportunities.
  2. Dr. Jin Kejian, Chair of College Committee, stated that GZU would discuss with PUCSR in three fields:
    1. Chinese Program: 2+2/1+3 Chinese Program
    2. Student Exchange Program – One Semester Program
    3. Short Exchange Program – 8-Day, 2-week, or 4-week program.

Dr. Chea and Dr. Jin raised the opportunities and common practice to open up for the students.