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PUC’s Commitment to Excellence is implemented through the five following commandments:

  1. Respecting for customers (students, parents, and others), and we will respect each person we serve as the most valuable member of society regardless of race, gender, age  and social status;
  2. Promoting excellence in quality of our staff, and we will continue  fostering personal and professional development of our staff to be knowledgeable, kind, courteous, helpful, honest, trustworthy and sincere with our customers, along with strong teamwork, good cooperation and high accountability;
  3. Enhancing excellence in quality of our programs and service, and we will constantly improve our programs and deliver our service promptly, fairly and ethically with awareness of customers’ strength, ability, and needs;
  4. Always treating  everyone (internal or external customers) with value and dignity as we wanted to be treated;
  5. Serving our customers to the best of our knowledge and ability with loving-kindness in our heart and always with a smile on our face.